Projected Memory 2016 Digital Journal

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Journal Concept:
Visits to sites of historic violence such as former Nazi concentration camps have varying motivations — personal, religious, research, touristic — and call forth a range of reactions. Some of us respond to the imposing architecture or stillness, while others become fascinated by the data of death — the dates, staggering numbers, and instruments of genocide. What do we experience at these fraught places, and how do we use language and gesture to grapple first with our own thoughts and feelings, and then convey these to others?

The Projected Memory installation at the Gedenkstätte Sachsenhausen posed these queries to visitors for over two years. Now we are asking artists, writers, and researchers to interpret some of the publicly-saved responses that we’ve collected. The online digital journal will highlight the interdisciplinary and interpretative nature of a project about memory, perspective, and participation, and underscores the initiative’s creative and analytical possibilities.

Applicants should review our website and the selection of publicly-saved reflections available online and propose a new work by submitting a complete APPLICATION FORM. Works in video should be no longer than 1.5 mins; written work no longer than 3 pages; images (including photographed installations, drawings, sculpture, etc.) should not exceed 8 images. Selected contributors will receive a collection of publicly-saved visitor reflections which may inform contributors’ work directly or abstractly. Contributors must respect the integrity of the original messages and not assign a different meaning; otherwise, artists are free to follow their vision.

Paid Commission:
Successful applicants will receive 350 EUR/USD upon receipt of final submissions.

Application Submission: May 1, 2016.
Decision Notification: May 15, 2016.
Submission of work: June 17, 2016.